Designer Tools

Designer Tools will simplify your SimpleRockets building experience with tons of new tools.

License: CC-BY

Game Version:

Downloads: 179

Author: Aram

Followers: 2

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Juno: New Origins. Proceed with caution.

This is a Beta Version, not all tools have been added and there might be some unexpected bugs.

Some functionalities will be spread around the designer interface but you will find most of them under the designer tools tab on the left. Currently, the only tools added are the View tools, when you open the panel you will be able to switch to an orthographic view and add reference images to simplify and have a greater precision for building replicas. You can also select multiple parts by holding "Tab", in this version this feature is only useful to paint multiple parts at once but see this as a proof of concept as in a future update this will be expanded to allow multi-part editing for any property.

Note that this mod won't make your craft unsharable. Even if MODS DON'T WORK ON MOBILE any craft you build with this mod will still be loadable on mobiles or computers that don't have the mod installed as these are just tools and nothing gets uploaded with the craft.

More info on mods / how to install here

Known Bugs and Disclaimer

When editing an image's position, you have to click once next to your craft, this will place a fuel tank that will be deleted when the editing is finished. I am sorry for the inconvenience but it's the only (temporary) way that I've found to overcome a bug that I'm trying to correct.


Bug: When the view tools panel is closed and reopened, the "select image" button appears for already selected images instead of the "Edit Image" button.


Bug: Going to crazy on the multiple part selector can freeze the game. Fix: Don't use the multiple part selector except to test it / Force to quit and restart the game.


Bug: The orthographic view toggle button disappears when the orthographic view is on and the view tool panel is closed and opened again. Fixed in Version Beta-0.3 / Beta-0.4.1


Bug: When undoing step the images move. Fixed in Version Beta-0.2

List Of Tools:
  • View Tools

    • 0rthographic view (added in beta 0.1)
    • Reference image selector(added in beta 0.1)
    • ViewCube(added in beta 0.2)
  • Multiple Part tools

    • Multiple part selector by holding tab (added in beta 0.1)
    • Multiple part painter(added in beta 0.1)
    • Multiple part property edit (not yet released)
    • Align Parts (not yet released)
    • Distribute Parts(not yet released)
  • Other Tools

    • DeltaV calculator Tool (not yet released)
    • Circular / Linear pattern (not yet released)

  • Beta 0.4.1

    • Added image preview in the view tools
    • A middle click on the view cube now toggles orthographic view
    • Fixed zoom in Orthographic view
    • Other Tweaks and BugFixes
  • Beta 0.4

    • Updated to Game Version 0.9.5 (Full release)
    • Added a setting to toggle the View Cube
    • Added a setting to change the scale of the View Cube
    • Other Tweaks and BugFixes
  • Beta 0.3

    • Updated to Game Version 0.9.5 (Beta)
    • Hid unfished features under the DevMode setting to avoid bugs
    • Other Tweaks and BugFixes
  • Beta 0.2

    • Added a ViewCube (Left Click => go to view / Right Click => Toggle Image)
    • Fixed the bug where images would move at unwanted times
    • Reference images UI now updates when a change is made
    • Other Tweaks and BugFixes
  • Beta 0.1

    • Added Orthographic View Tools
    • Added Reference Image Tool
    • Added Multiple Parts Selection
    • Added Multiple Part Painter
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