Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program

Good Graphics 4 KSP (5 mods)

Good Graphics 4 KSP is a mod that gives better graphics 4 ksp AVP is not here so I will link to it:

Krowded Kerbol (24 mods)

Krowed Kerbol is a modpack designded to add many more planet much closer and farther then stock as well as tech noliges to explore these places.

KSP Revolution (10 mods)

KSP Revolution, is a modpack that will change kerbal forever. Adds interactive buttons, switches, and screens in cockpits and pods. Adds surface detail to planets, and improves certain asspects of flight. Even adds new luanch pads and buildings. (Only adds 1 part mod, a warp drive)

Kerbol moons pack (6 mods)

Aims to add in at least one moon to each planet but is currently un finnished.

Kat’s MP pack (12 mods)

why on earth would i die in space

Planes (12 mods)

InterplanetJanet's Planet Mod Repretoire (5 mods)

The planet mods that InterplanetJanet plays with on a regular basis.

stock + (199 mods)

A large modpack consisting of stockalike parts as well as utility and tool mods to help enhance gameplay

Realistic Stock Graphics (UNFINISHED) (1 mods)

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