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Server Mods

A pack containing mods and planet packs added to a LMP server to hasten the installation process and make it less confusing when we decide to add more. Probably won't include every single one. Outer Planets Mod isn't here because the latest version is not uloaded to spacedock.

For 1.11.2.

Gameplay Modpack

Aditional Mods:


SpaceX KSP

Texture Re-Enhancement collection

Tower's 1.12.2 planet pack collection

Tower's 1.12.2 planet pack collection

This pack adds much of planet's for kerbal space program, every of them tested byself so there won't be many problems with bugs(i think)

I'm not respond for your saves, i recommended to start a new one just to be safe

Some mods of this pack you need to install by yourself like "Outer Planets Mod" Here's link for it

And also i recommended to read description of these mods to see known issues or needed mods for it


*Adds planet Deturpant as a new gas giant

*Adds Muniant as a new planet

*Adds Helvica as a new gas giant

*Adds Heracleitus for Kerbin as a moon

*Adds Ghekta as a new planet (just copy files from ZIP file into GameData !!!IMPORTANT)

*Adds Salus as a new gas giant

*Adds Corelian as a new home for Dres

*Adds Minor Planets Expansion

*Adds Outer Planets Mod


  1. Copy the files into GameData
  2. Enjoy the planet pack!

Changelog 2

*Added planet Deturpant as a new gas giant

Changelog 1

*Added Helvica as a new gas giant

*Added Muniant as a new planet


Part of the Wallum setup of mods, these are the essential part packs I utilise.


RSS REX RO modpack for 1.8.1

Malum Planet Pack

The Malum Planet Pack is Doctor Kerbal's first planet pack. It adds a red and heelish world called Malum and a moon called Bera Matero.

The 10GB Modpack

Standard Pack

Mods to Use with BD Armory

RustyKrab's Visual Modpack

This modpack was made for people looking for good visual mods- note that some of these might not work in the latest version of KSP. Some mods also might need other mods to work, if that is the case then just look up the dependencies for them.

deathnutts mod pack 1.12